Monday, March 05, 2012

Worms HD For Symbian^3 Anna Belle

Worms HD is a port of the original Worms game, written for the touch screen toting, graphics accelerated, Symbian^3 handsets.

The skill in Worms is based around aiming your attacks. Most weapons are either launched (e.g. the bazooka) or thrown (e.g grenades). Aiming a shot will be familiar to fans of Angry Birds in that an angle and power level need to be set. In Worms HD, this works by rotating a cross hair around your current worm to control the launch angle.

Worms HD For Symbian^3 Anna Belle

Monday, December 12, 2011

CameraPro 3.0.1 Symbian^3 Signed

CameraPro offers fast access to camera/video: 11x digital zoom, raw jpg stream, level meter, anti-shake, time lapse, bracketing (for HDR*), continuous autofocus/macro (device dependent), ISO, presets, timer, burst, face-detection,720p video (1-30 fps), custom frame rates/bitrates, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa upload.

Download CameraPro 3.0.1 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak

Friday, December 09, 2011

Shazam v3.01 S60v3/v5/S^3/Anna/Belle Signed

Create music moments! Shazam can identify music anywhere: from TV, radio or in a bar.
With Shazam you can discover and buy music tracks, find tour dates for tagged artists and buy tickets to the gig;
share Tags and get music recommendations.
You'll also have unlimited tagging with this version of Shazam on your device.

Download Shazam v3.01 S60v3/v5/S^3/Anna/Belle Signed

Thursday, December 08, 2011

RotateMe v 1.50 For S60 v3 Repacked

rotateMe is a freeware application for symbian OS 3rd edition devices, which allow you to switch your phone screen from portrait to landscape and vice versa.

Dont forget to sign it and uninstall any previous version of rotateMe, before installing this file.
Compatibility:On all s60v3 phones(Tested on N73.N80,N93,E65...)

Download RotateMe v1.5 Repacked SAMET04106 unsigned zip

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Flashlight for s60v5

Use the screen as a flashlight with 7 different colors on your nokia 5800 or n97. It takes no extra space in your pocket and is always with you. Use it as night light, to send morse code or why not guide an aircraft on the taxi way. New in this version is a SOS button, that makes the phone flash SOS in morse code. Get it now, it could save your life one day.. Recommended to install on C:Phone memory

The Flashlight for s60v5

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

F-Secure Anti-Theft for Symbian 5th Edition

With F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile you can be sure that your personal and confidential information won ’t be misused by anyone.
- Lock your phone remotely via SMS
- Erase the confidential data remotely via SMS
- Get informed who stole your phone - Locate your phone
- Easy to upgrade with additional security features directly via mobile

F-Secure Anti-Theft for Symbian S60v5

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Paint pad For Symbian S60v5

paint pad for mobile phone
Paintpad is a drawing tool for symbian touch device, which lets you draw your mind right on your nokia 5800 or 5230 Xpressmusic. You can draw on color background, images saved in your cellphone or even a photo taken instantly! Enjoy the fun of drawing: set your masterpiece as mobile phone wallpaper, send your greetings to your friends, and print it out through Gallery.

Download Paintpad for nokia s60v5 mobile phone

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Talking Dictionary for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Talking Dictionary is a free applications for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.beside for Nokia 5800xm talking dictionary apps is also compatible with S60v5 such as nokia N97, X6, 5230.

Download Talking Dictionary for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Monday, February 15, 2010

FingerPrint Scanner Application 2.6

With fingerprint scanner application you can using your fingerprint to unlock your phone.this app only works on symbian 5th edition nokia 5800, N97, 5230 and X6.

Download FingerPrint Scanner 2.6

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MobiTubia v1.85 build 1 beta For Symbian 3rd

MobiTubia is Flash Video (FLV) Player and Full-Function YouTube portal application with real-time decoding for Series 60 3rd Edition devices. User interface was neatly designed to be luxurious look. More than YouTube client application you will get. I am so pleased to give you the new experience of symbian application.

MobiTubia v1.85 build 1 beta For Symbian 3rd

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nokia Multiscanner For S60v3

Nokia Multiscanner already provides business card reading and document scanning on the Nokia E66 and Nokia E71. So when someone gives you a business card you can effortlessly convert business card details and save them to your phone book. You simply take a photo and then Nokia Multiscanner converts the text from the business card into electronic data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology - recognizing name, company, address, mobile number...

The same process can also be used to convert printed documents – perhaps you want to save the address of the restaurant that you’ve just read about in a magazine. You can easily capture the address from the magazine using Nokia Multiscanner and then save it as a note or send it to a friend by e-mail of text message.

Nokia Multiscanner For S60v3 (unsigned)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Google Maps 1.70.2 S60v3

Google Maps Mobile has FINALLY been updated to a native S60 application, and even supports the N95's internal GPS! You can see the white GPS dot on the screenshot. Other than that, it looks pretty similar to the old version, only faster since it's native.

Google Maps 1.70.2 S60v3

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

SmartGET v2.02 For S60v3

SmartGET is a Python based File download manager for S60 3rd Edition. This software allows you to download multiple files from various sources simultaneously as well as auto-resume downloads that have failed due to network or connection errors.

Smarget Features
+ Progress bar for downloads
+ Auto-resume failed downloads due to network errors.
+ Start/Stop Timer for Scheduling
+ Direct File URL downloads
+ Download multiple files simultaneously (upto 5)

SmartGET v2.02 For S60v3

Thursday, February 14, 2008

DivXPlayer v0.89

DivXPlayer is a player can play divx video files on your mobile phone.
It`s a new update version because of coreplayer mobile for S60 was released

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

FLVPlayer v1.0.0 for symbian 3rd

FLV podcasting is a document based on FlashLite3.0 the player software flv
Buttons: software for the default Open directory c: \ data \ videos, users can switch to operate through the menu e: \ videos directory. Visit the state in the document, under the direction of left-level for entry into the catalog for the right to return to the level directory, digital key'3 'for the Tip,'6' for the next turn the pages, identify key players selected for the flv file. Playback number keys'5 'to suspend \ broadcast key rotation for the screen.

FLVPlayer v1.0.0

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Y-BROWSER V.82(16) FOR S60V3

Y-Browser is a filebrowser application designed for S60 3rd edition devices (Symbian OS 9-->). Earlier releases include also versions for 1st and 2nd edition, but since 0.80 only 3rd edition devices are supported. This is due some API's that are only supported in 3rd edition.

Y-Browser is currently available in following 26 languages:
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Russian Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Slovenian, Chinese(PRC),Chinese(Taiwan), Thai, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Hebrew, Romanian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Slovak, Greek, Croatian and Finnish.

If your language is not included yet, please download YBrowser_LanguageStrings.xls and translate the strings. Note that there is four sheets in the excel file and some of them are quite long, thus remember to scroll. Plug-in modules are currently available only in english, but I'll try finding some time to get them translated soon.

Y-BROWSER V.82 Multilanguage

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Name Card Generator for s60 v3

Produce your one-of-a-kind name card with ease! Choose from a range of preset images according to your preference. The program then automatically transfers specific information from the phonebook, arranges text within the preset frame, and places photos onto the assigned place. Finished name cards are stored into a personal gallery for your clear review. You can also share these remarkable products with your best friends via bluetooth!

Name Card Generator for symbian 3rd

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Interactive Voice Call Master

Interactive Voice Call Master's intuitive classification feature can let you divide incoming callers up to seven groups including: callers on any five lists or phonebook, callers not on all above, and hidden callers (those who conceal phone number). Then you can assign one of seven responses to each group. Possible responses includes: accept, interactive voice, busy tone, reject + send SMS, divert calls to, record conversation secretly and mute the ringer.

Interactive Voice Call Master for 2nd edition

Monday, September 03, 2007

ZipMan v2.5

Use ZipMan to open received compressed .Zip, .Rar and .tgz files, or to compress files before sending via Email for faster transfer

Features Zipman :
  • Open .Zip files from Inbox
  • Automatically open documents stored in .Zip files
  • Create new .Zip files to send via Email
  • Add photos, ringtones, memos, attachments and any other files to new .Zip files
  • Archive Browser - store archives on your phone and use the archive browser to open when required
  • Media Browser - select multiple images, sound or videos and add to archive in one step
  • Encryption support - Add a password to a zip file, or open zip files which are already encrypted
  • Send new or existing .Zip files via Ir, Bluetooth or Email
  • Send any file stored in the .Zip file via Ir, Bluetooth or Email
  • Support for additional archive types - seamlessly open .Rar, .Tar or .Gzip files from within ZipMan or from Inbox
  • Extract files from archives directly to Memory Card
  • Send application trial to a friend via Bluetooth

ZipMan v2.5

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Emoze 1.04 Free Push Email

Emoze is the realization of the mobile office vision, Free and accessible for all mobile users around the world.

With emoze
* Receive your emails and Outlook data anywhere, anytime
* Handle your schedule and meetings via your mobile device
* Enjoy synchronized Personal Information Management (PIM)
* Access information about your Contacts, anywhere, anytime

Emoze Free Push Email For Symbian S60